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The BeerLab Touch is a fast, simple and reliable analysis system for determining multiple parameters in Beer and Water.
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The BeerLab Touch and BeerLab Junior offer quality control personnel a reliable and efficient means to monitor the brewing process plus ensuring quality control in breweries and microbreweries.

With the BeerLab analysis systems it is now possible to analyse a wide group of parameters on beer and water with only one instrument. In only 15 minutes it is possible to analyse up to 16 samples with the Touch model and up to 3 samples with the Junior model.


Click here to watch a demonstration of the BeerLab Touch.


The BeerLab Systems:

Is designed for analyses of beer and water, is able to analyse 16 samples at the same time, endowed with 5.7" LCD Touchscreen, printer, incubation cells, Ethernet (LAN) connection, USB for PC Connection, USB transfer of the analyses' data.







Designed for analyses of beer, is able to analyse 3 samples at the same time, endowed with 4.3" LCD touchscreen, USB for PC connection, Bluetooth 2.1.







  1. Add the required sample volume to the reagent vial.
  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  3. Results are automatically calculated, displayed and printed.





BeerLab Touch

BeerLab Junior

Incubation Module

37°C thermostat block with 16 positions

Included in the photometric module

Simultaneous Sample Analyses

16 samples

3 samples

Multiple Analyses on a Sample







W – 32cm, D – 29.5cm, H-13cm

L – 15cm, D-22cm, H-8.3cm

Power Supply

24V DC

24V DC or lithium ion battery (optional)


2 USB 2.0 to transfer the database of tests performed and update the configuration and software. 1 USB type B for technical service and PC connection. 1 Ethernet (LAN)

1 USB type B for technical service and PC connection. Bluetooth 2.1


Photometer with temperature controlled at 37°C


Solid state opto-electronic devices

Photometric Range

620 nm, 578 nm, 520nm, 420 nm, 366 nm, 280 nm (wavelength)

Photometric Module

8 channels with different wavelengths each, in 4 reading cells

Internal Storage

4 GB internal memory to store the performed tests

Database Format

CSV and XML file, compatible with all formats of database (eg: XLA, SQL)


Integral graphic printer 80mm width

Environmental Operating Conditions

System and its accessories can be used at room temperature ranging from 15°C to 35°C and with a relative humidity of 20%-90% without condensation.

 Tests Available:

 Click here for further information regarding the BeerLab Touch